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What's the Best Lightweight Luggage? - The Best Lightweight Luggage

What’s the Best Lightweight Luggage?

The Best Lightweight LuggageI know there are times when you wish you could turn into a magician and float your luggage to your car or boarding gate.  Unfortunately, very few of us have that ability.

The rest of us are left trying to find the best lightweight luggage, and it’s certainly not easy.

There are a number of things you need to consider when you’re buying luggage.  Weight is really just one factor, but it’s a big one.  The other big issue is reliability.  If you’re looking for lightweight luggage, you don’t want the cheapest one you can find.  The odds of the item lasting more than a few trips is pretty low.

Delsey to the Rescue

Luckily, if you are looking just for lightweight luggage, you’re in luck with the Delsey Dauphine+ 19″ carry-on.  Delsey produces quality products, and their carry-on that meets the size requirement for U.S. carriers only weighs 3.5 pounds!!  I’ve not found a lighter carry-on anywhere.

You may feel like you just got your magician’s certificate (you know you do need to be certified, right?).

This Delsey carry-on is a soft-sided piece of spinner luggage.  It has a front zippered pocket that can hold a notebook computer, and it is fully lined inside with zippered pockets and tie-down straps.

The outside is made of twisted polyester fabric that is durable and water resistant.  The square shape lets you pack efficiently.  In addition, it has corner protectors to fend off the damage that other people can do when they handle your luggage.

One of the best things about it is the Worldwide 10 Year Limited Warranty.  Delsey warranties are hard to beat.

Want to compare the best lightweight luggage?  Visit our directory that contains a list in order of weight for the luggage featured on this website.

Check out the review here, or the pricing on Amazon.

Have you found a lighter, sturdier luggage line?  Please let me know!