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Would You Rather Ride Your Luggage? - The Best Lightweight Luggage

Would You Rather Ride Your Luggage?

ModobagOK, so maybe you’re not ready for riding luggage, but the Modobag company is sure ready to provide it to you.  For a mere $1500.

You can see people testing out the new Modobag on their website.  They had a demo day at the Woodfield Mall in the Chicago area and had lots of enthusiastic supporters taking test drives.  Testers sit on the top of the longest dimension of the bag and drive it like a motorcycle.

What is a Modobag?

A Modobag looks like a carry-on bag.  The company publishes the size as 22″ x 14″ x 9″, which just happens to be the carryon luggage size requirement for many US airlines.  I do need to mention that the dimensions aren’t labeled as including the wheels and handle, so that’s something you’d need to check on.

The bag weighs 19 lbs without the batteries, and the company plans to publish a final weight number when they’ve finished tweaking the design.  According to published information, the bag has a maximum speed of 8 mph, and it can run for 6 miles on a single charge.  They also state that the indoor maximum speed is 5 mph; that leads me to believe that there must be some type of sensor that can figure out where it’s being driven.  I can’t believe they’d trust the user to only go 5 mph indoors.  But, I’ve been wrong before.

There is a practical weight limit, I think.  Your body has to fit within the 22″ where you sit to drive, while at the same time you must be able to reach the handlebars and foot pegs.  The company says they have had 260 lb test drivers, but I’m wondering if these testers were also contortionists.

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

My questions about the Modobag have to do with how strong you’d need to be to get the bag into an overhead compartment, and the amount of  clothes and travel accessories it will hold.  Oh, and will the airlines start being more consistent about publishing maximum weight limits for carry-on luggage?  I also wonder if Modobag has legal protection against electrified-buttocks law suits or accidents caused by travelers under the influence of alcohol.

Overall, I think it’s a really fun idea.  I may not be forking out the $1500 this year, but I’ll sure keep an eye on it.

Forget lightweight luggage – just drive your bag.

I like that idea.