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Luggage Types - The Best Lightweight Luggage

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Luggage Types

Travelpro Magna 2 - 26 inchThere are five different ways you can purchase luggage, as described below.  One type may fit your needs better than another.

Carry-on Luggage – Anything small enough that you can take it with you when you board.  Many bags this size have wheels, but some don’t.

Checked Luggage – Today, if you need to take more than you can fit in a carry-on, you’ll end up with a bag that looks like a carry-on only larger.  Typically, the bag will have wheels.

Garment Bags – Some people believe you can pack suits, dresses and gowns in something the size of checked luggage, but some people would prefer to use a garment bag because it is designed specifically to carry garments with a minimum of wrinkling.  If you pack right, you could use a garment bag as your only piece of luggage.  They typically provide room for a variety of other items besides clothes.

Some people do use a small garment bag as a carry-on, but the bags are shaped differently than a standard piece of checked luggage.  This would be another time when you’d need to check with the airlines before you arrive at the gate.

Luggage Sets - You’ll get a better price on each piece if you purchase luggage as a set.  Three-piece sets are very common, and typically includes a carry-on size, a checked size and a large size, which will probably incur overage fees if you’re traveling via airplane.  Four-piece sets are also fairly common and typically include a fourth piece that is slightly smaller than the carry-on size.

Duffel Bags – If you’re looking for something more casual-looking than the types of bags above, you might want to look at a travel duffel bag.  These bags can be more flexible if you don’t do a lot of traveling because you can use them as a gym bag, beach bag, etc.  Some duffels have wheels and some have straps that will turn the duffel into a backpack.