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Which are the Most Popular Luggage Brands - The Best Lightweight Luggage

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It would be virtually impossible to list all the luggage brands that exist in the world.  If we tried, your head would probably explode.

Instead, we’ve identified some of the most popular brands and organized them into several price categories.

Once you have decided what size and type of luggage you want, you can then look at the brands in the price range you prefer to narrow down your choice.

How to Choose a Category?

Here’s the best way we can think of to answer that question.

  1. If you want your luggage to impress, go with a Luxury brand. The construction isn’t that much different, so you’re mainly paying for the name.
  2. If you want luggage that will last a very long time, has some bells and whistles and an amazing guarantee, go with a High-End brand.
  3. If you’re looking for a workhorse piece of luggage that will last, go with a Moderate brand.
  4. If your philosophy on luggage is that it’s going to break anyway, so there’s no reason to invest in it, you’ll want a Low-End brand. You’re the type of person who won’t get stressed out if the zipper on your luggage breaks five minutes before you need to leave for the airport.  Or, if the zipper breaks when you’re out of town, you’ll simply shop for a similar piece of luggage and throw the old one away.


Luxury Luggage

If you want to get the best of the best, you can always pick up a piece of luggage that falls into the luxury category.  For example, you can get a Louis Vuitton 28” wheeled bag for just over $4500.  Or, check out Rimowa; one of their 28” wheeled bags will run you just a bit over $1000.  If these are a bit rich for your blood, read on.


High-End Luggage

We’re defining high-end luggage brands as those with the best quality (after the luxury brands), and a higher price than the Moderate and Low-End brands.

High-end luggage is known for using quality materials and the manufacturers offer amazing guarantees. You can visit the Amazon list of the products here to get an overview of the most commonly seen brands, which are:  Tumi, Hartmann, Briggs & Riley and Victorinox.  Note: The Samsonite acquisition of Tumi is scheduled to close in 2016.


Moderate Luggage

Moderate luggage brands have good reputations and are generally known for offering long-lasting luggage.  I put Samsonite in this category because it's such a well-known name.  But, without that, given the quality they're producing, I would have ranked it as Low-End.  Again, use these links to get an overview of these most popular moderate brands:  Eagle Creek, Delsey, Samsonite and TravelPro.


Low-End Luggage

Low-End luggage brands are those you’ll find at WalMart.  These brands use lower-cost materials and construction, and include American Tourister, IT Luggage, Traveler’s Choice and Rockland.