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Luggage Blog - The Best Lightweight Luggage

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Best Lightweight Luggage Award

Just in Time for the Holidays: The Winner of the Best Lightweight Luggage Award

Looking for a Memorable Holiday Gift? The holidays are almost here and while many people have already completed their shopping, you may not be one of them. So, what do you get for someone who is starting a new job or traveling back and forth from college? Maybe you need ...
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Would You Rather Ride Your Luggage?

OK, so maybe you're not ready for riding luggage, but the Modobag company is sure ready to provide it to you.  For a mere $1500. You can see people testing out the new Modobag on their website.  They had a demo day at the Woodfield Mall in the Chicago area ...
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The Best Lightweight Luggage

What’s the Best Lightweight Luggage?

I know there are times when you wish you could turn into a magician and float your luggage to your car or boarding gate.  Unfortunately, very few of us have that ability. The rest of us are left trying to find the best lightweight luggage, and it's certainly not easy ...
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Luggage Sizes

How to Survive if You Have to Check Your Carry-on

Check My Carry-On?!? Why would you ever want to check your carry-on?  Well, you wouldn't, but sometimes you must.  It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.  Here are some ways it could happen to you. 1..You exceeded the weight limit.  Some domestic airlines, such as Hawaiian Airlines, US Airways, ...
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What to do about damaged luggage

What to Do When the Airline Damages Your Luggage

Don’t Leave the Airport This is critical.  If your luggage is lost or damaged, you need to handle it before you leave the airport.  This is especially important if you’re on a domestic U.S. carrier.  You must report the damage at the airline’s baggage office at the airport within 24 ...
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Travel Tips

Why I Use Packing Cubes

If you’re anything like me, you hate to check baggage, so you’re always looking for ways to fit everything you need into a lightweight carry-on bag.  I’ve come a long way since the first business trip I took, lugging around a large hardsided piece of luggage with no wheels for ...
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