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Lightweight Luggage - The Best Lightweight Luggage

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Lightweight Luggage

If you came to this website looking for the best lightweight luggage, this page is for you.

What is Lightweight Luggage?

Best Lightweight LuggageThe first thing you need to know is that there is no industry standard that defines lightweight luggage, so that leaves you, the consumer, at a disadvantage.  Some retailers may call any luggage with wheels lightweight.  Others may tag all polycarbonate hardsided luggage as lightweight, which it is in comparison to aluminum, for example.

When most people are looking for the best lightweight luggage, they’re looking for pieces that are lighter than others using the same type of construction.  And, in fact, that is possible to find.  Manufacturers are always looking for lighter weight materials.

But, you will find that some hardsided pieces are heavier than a similar softsided piece, and the opposite is also true.  You may find that one manufacturer’s "lightweight" bag is heavier than another bag that isn’t tagged as lightweight.

Purchasing the lightest piece of luggage you can find will let you pack more without going over airline weight restrictions, but people are also finding that ultra-lightweight luggage isn’t as durable as their heavier cousins. A lightweight bag filled to capacity can often put too much of a strain on the construction of the bag.

How to Buy Lightweight Luggage

Finding the best lightweight luggage isn’t a simple process, but here are some tips:

  1. Compare weights, not just titles.  If you’re looking for lightweight luggage, be sure to compare specifications, not just the manufacturer’s naming scheme.
  2. Consider the weight of what you’ll want to pack in a particular bag. The piece that weighs one pound less will let you take along that extra sweater.  Just consider whether the luggage will be intact when you arrive at your destination.
  3. Look at the higher-end brands for lightweight luggage. The better a bag is constructed, the more likely it will be to hold up with a heavy load.

The fact remains that the biggest factor that determines whether your luggage is lightweight is what you put in it.  If you learn how to “pack light,” the weight of your luggage will become less of an issue.

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