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Best Packing Cubes Guide - Streamline travel - the best packing cubes

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Packing Cubes - Buying Guide

Packing cubes are controversial. Some people love them, some think they’re a waste of time. This information about packing cubes will help you decide which side you’re on. While there are dozens of companies that supply them, the best packing cubes are typically from eBags and Eagle Creek.

Life without Packing Cubes

Your clothes get more wrinkled. Even if you pack very carefully, at some point you’re going to have a pair of shoes or a hair dryer sitting under the clothes you have carefully folded. By the time you reach your destination, your clothes will have grown hills and valleys that correspond to whatever is underneath them.

And, unless you totally over pack, which will probably end up costing you an overage fee, which you should avoid, your clothes will shift in your luggage. It’s nice that luggage usually has some type of a strap to help hold things in place, they certainly aren’t foolproof.

It’s more difficult to stay organized. If you’re lucky, you’re only going to one place where you can empty your luggage and store things away in the drawers and closets wherever you are staying.

But, if you’re just not that organized, or if you hate emptying your entire piece of luggage because you usually end up leaving something behind, you’re going to be routing through your bag from time to time.

And, every time you move something to find something else, everything moves, getting more wrinkled and harder to find.

Life with the Best Packing Cubes

Now imagine that you have mini-suitcases that you can pack according to some logic. Maybe all the shirts are in one and pants in another. Or, maybe all of one outfit is in one bag. That’s a really easy way to check and make sure you have all the necessary accessories. Maybe you keep one cube for dirty clothes, or consider double-sided packing cubes where you move the dirty clothes from one side to the other.

Once you have all your mini-suitcases packed in an extremely organized way, just stack them in your luggage. The cubes come in different sizes, so you can use all the space you have available. In addition when you use packing cubes, you can pack and unpack in seconds, which is particularly handy if you are going to be staying in several places during one trip.

Types of Packing Cubes

Technically, there are different types of packing organizers, but in practice, everyone just seems to call them cubes.

  1. Packing cubes. These are actually shaped like cubes. They typically have a zipper around virtually the entire top, which allows you to pack items without the need to slide anything around.
  2. Compression Packing Cubes. These cubes are roughly the same shape as regular packing cubes, but like this Eagle Creek version, there’s a second zipper that will compress the bag. You may not want to put everything in compression bags, but small things like socks and underwear won’t mind a bit of compression. The same thing is true of bulky sweaters. Just make sure you don’t pack so much that your bag is too heavy for the airlines you’re flying!Best packing cubes
  3. Packing Folders. Typically, a packing folder is made of lightweight material with four flaps that open flat for adding items, then each side folds over the middle with a closure that keeps the folder from coming apart.